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As spelt out in the Medine Master Plan by M. Pierre Doger de Speville, Chairman of the Group in 2005, Medine endeavours to: “See far, look closely”

“See far” to remain faithful to the tradition of the visionaries who founded and developed Medine. “Look close” in order to equip our various sectors of activity with the modern methods and procedures necessary to fulfill our Mission, which is to build a better future for all.


To be a unique lifestyle provider through integrated sustainable development of property, leisure, agro-business and services

Master plan

The Medine Masterplan (MMP) 2005-2025 is a high-quality and comprehensive document produced by a team of town-planners, architects and sociologists under the leadership of Maurice Giraud.

The MMP details the vision and plans of Medine Limited for the west of Mauritius over the next twenty years. This document, which is in nature a blue-print for our undertakings, is regularly updated and reviewed so as to reflect the opportunities and constraints faced by the company in the implementation of the MMP.

One of the biggest realisation of the MMP is Uniciti, a city that is more than just in the making. A destination for unique and diverse experiences on the west coast of Mauritius. Planned over 347 hectares of land located right next to the famous coastal village of Flic en Flac, Uniciti conveys the notion of unity, social cohesion and solidarity that will make it a place of choice to live, work, enjoy and learn.

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Living Better

It is our duty to build on this precious legacy and embrace opportunities, in order to build together a better future for our employees and Mauritian families.

To meet this challenge, we will need to demonstrate vision, intelligence, courage, professional care and take pride in a job well done. Our motto “Living Better” outlines our mission and fulfills the profound aspiration of men and women from all walks of life.

  • Living Better in terms of the values embodied by each one of us at work and in life
  • Living Better through improved relationships between humans and the natural environment
  • Living Better while interacting within the company by focusing on modern values such as listening, respect, team spirit and quest for excellence