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Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors adheres to the highest principles of good governance and ensures that these are followed and applied throughout the Group. It recognises the importance of such principles and views their application as an opportunity to critically review the Company’s structure and processes. It is the Company’s ultimate decision-making entity and believes that the adoption of the highest standards of governance is imperative for the enhancement of shareholder value.

The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for, among other things, the review and adoption of strategic plans, the overview of business performance, the adoption of appropriate risk management systems, and the establishment of proper internal control systems.

The Board of Medine is composed of 11 directors, of which 1 is executive, 2 are independent non-executives and 8 are non-executives, including the Chairman. The Chairman of the Board is elected by his fellow Directors and is responsible for leading the Board.

All Board members have access to the services of the Company Secretary, who is responsible for ensuring that Board procedures are followed and for the monitoring of corporate-governance processes.

Medine Constitution


Board & Board Committees 

The Corporate Governance Committee and Audit Committee of Medine oversee the governance and audit and risk issues of the Company.

Board & Board Committees Composition

Medine Corporate Governance Commitee (CGC) Charter

Medine Audit Committee Charter

Code of Ethics & Business Conduct