Our Story

Founded in 1911, Medine Group has been supporting the economic development of Mauritius for decades. 


  • FMSC Athletics 2018 – Medine’s gold rush!

    This year’s FMSC Athletics competition held at Maryse Justin Stadium, Reduit, on Sunday 11th of November, saw the Medine Group lifting the overall trophy and further taking the spoils in the female category as well.

  • Yemen Experience | A unique connection with nature!

    The Yemen reserve located on the West of the island is now open to the public with a number of eco-touristic activities all grouped under the new name of Yemen Experience.

  • Le Groupe Medine se redynamise avec le Medine Leadership Team

    Un nouveau forum regroupant plus d’une quarantaine de personnes du Management de Medine vient d’être mis sur pied.