Medine - 100 years



Sugarcane is cultivated on some 3316 hectares of land, mainly on the west coast of Mauritius, with an average yield of 88.8 tonnes of cane per hectare. Nowadays Medine’s harvest is a fully mechanised process. In 2012, Medine and its planter partners respectively harvested 276,985 and 82,775 tonnes of cane, supplying a total of 359,760 tonnes of cane to the Medine mill.

As per our agreement with Omnicane, all the Plantation White Sugar produced in Medine (and considered as the best island-wise for its colour and purity) is processed into refined white sugar. 

The Medine Sugar Milling Co. Ltd has obtained the ISO 14001:2004 certification, which endorses sound environmental performance across the organisation.