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Founded in 1911 as a sugar estate, Medine grew along with the economic development of Mauritius through the years, by diversifying its activities into leisure and tourism, agriculture and trade.

Capitalising on the prime geographic location of its 3,000-hectare land bank on the west coast of the island, Medine engaged in an unprecedented property development programme to turn the region into a sustainable and attractive place to live for both Mauritian families and visitors.

Medine Limited is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius with a market capitalisation of MUR 10 billion (Euro 244 million) and stands among the top 75 Mauritian companies.

Our Group

“Medine has a rich history as a pioneer in many fields of activity and Uniciti is yet another landmark as we push forward. We have successfully expanded our activities from being solely a sugar producer to a diversified organisation. The Medine Group devised a vision around the virtuous circle of the knowledge economy and we are confident that high-quality tertiary education and research will in time become a new pillar of Mauritius’ economy.”

Thierry Sauzier
CEO of Medine Group

Medine in figures

A few figures to provide an indication of what is medine today vicinity of the country's major cities on the highly desirable west coast of Mauritius, Medine has engaged in a major integrated property.

Key Figures

10,200 hectares

Surface area(ha)



MUR 21,48 Bn

Total Assets(MUR)

MUR 15,91 Bn

Total Equity(MUR)

Latest achievements

As a pioneer in a number of activities, Medine still looks ahead to develop innovative solutions that best fit the lifestyle of the new century. Through its Agriculture, Education, Property Development, and Leisure sectors, the centennial company is, more than ever, set to turn the West of the island into a major “work, live, play” destination.